Vogue CS and Ashley Graham

June 19, 2024

KV Couture bodysuit in Vogue CS July issue worn by Ashley Graham and photographed by Luka Booth.

Photo: @lukabooth (Michele Filomeno Agency); Publisher: @michaelaseewald_v24; Editor-in-Chief: @danicakovar; Fashion Director: @milenazhu; Art Director: @robert.kov; Styling: @veronica_bergamini; Model: @ashleygraham (@imgmodels); Hair: @lbhair (@forwardartists); Make‐up: @oliviabarad (@seemanagement); Nails: @ohmynailsnyc (@thewallgroup); Tailor: @lf.malaguti; Set design: @colinl_; Casting: @sheri.chiu; Production: @ridaniloventu@anna_lagermaine_private (@fashionpolitique); Producer: @alphajones; Photo Assistants: Titouan Guillemot, @rufiopierce; Technical Assistant: @ patrickmclain; Stylist’s Assistant: @lapuntogio; Hair Stylist’s Assistant: Soledad Rodriguez; Production Assistant: @avalahijani; Location: @seretstudios; Special thanks to @jennywilliams______